Comprehensive survey management system

Conduct your own customer satisfaction surveys online and via mobile and tactile devices

  • Touch system for surveys

    Quickly and reliably evaluate the quality of your products and services

  • Analyse the answer in real time

    Analyse survey results in real time

  • Custom user interface

    Significantly increase the number of completed surveys returned

Create online surveys

Create online surveys with ease and agility using our survey management system

Customize the interface of the survey

Choose between the available templates and design your questionnaires

Send the survey in a customized email

Send customer satisfaction surveys to your customers via personalised email

Analyse and share results

Analyse you results in real time and export and share them


With Evalmaster, you can create, send and analyse customer satisfaction surveys that are conducted online and/or via mobile or tactile devices, and you can effectively manage your business service evaluation process.

Evalmaster is an easy to use tool that is designed to empower and accelerate your evaluation process and to help you to improve client satisfaction.

Use Evalmaster anywhere logging in with your user and password
Intuitive interface for easy creation of surveys

What can you achieve with us?

Greater ResponseOnline surveys that greatly increase the number of completed surveys returned.

AutonomyGiving you total control over all survey creation, distribution, receipt and analysis.

AgilityAccelerate the survey process and the presentation of results.

Better qualityMost importantly, Evalmaster helps you to improve the quality of your products and services.